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Below you will find a listing of the services that we provide. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing, but is here to aid in scheduling our photographic services utilizing the most popular services we provide. If you have a specific need that is not listed below, please contact us so that we may open a line of communication and work towards generating a custom quote for your unique request.


Standard Photography

$149.00 / $199.00 (~24 / ~36 images)

Our Standard Package is a premium level of photography, a cut above a home just being photographed. We approach each assignment looking for the creative and unique aspects of a home or property, and work to add value through how we capture and present those images.

Our process, from the moment we capture the image through the final stages of editing, is one very unique in the industry, developed over years of testing and refining. Ever conscious of composition, angles and lighting, what we reveal results in images that stand out.

We start with capturing the important Street View, which is typically the lead shot in the MLS. Here we use special techniques to draw the viewers interest a visual experience to draw them in . Inside we lead the viewer through our images to experience the feel and flow of the property. Carefully selecting angles and composition, sometimes what we omit from our images has just as much impact as what we do reveal. We will create multiple views of key areas such as the kitchen, living room, and the master bedroom and bath. From the rear of the property we work to show not only the space but the lifestyle one could enjoy there. They key is to create images to compel the viewer to want to see more by scheduling a showing of the home. In essence, our job is to create a pathway from the buyer to the agent, by adding value through great photography that compels action.


  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Up to 24 / 36 images
    • MLS compliant
    • High resolution
  • Electronic delivery

Enhanced Photography


For the Enhanced Photography, we take our service to a more premium level by more time on site, greater attention to premium features and editing enhancements to reveal greater emotion to the image.  When you have a property that has unique aspects such as water features, a shop, additional living quarters, or even waterfront and a dock, these represent special details that need special attention.  Here we don’t just document what is there, but work to draw the viewer into the image through compelling composition and lighting.

We have developed our process over years of refinement and it is very unique in the industry.  Everything from the specialty cameras and lenses to the five computer programs from the US and Europe that we use for our unique editing speaks volumes to our commitment to excellent photography for you and your client.  As Hollywood will use makeup to enhance, we blend the natural lighting and the organic beauty of a home with editing tools and specialty lighting techniques to Showcase the home.

The frontal view, which is typically the lead shot in marketing, has us using special techniques that may include elevated camera positions, sky painting or complete replacement and enhanced editing for the lawns. We have even gone so far as to create our own iOS app aptly named sunArc for tracking the exact path of the sun for any minute of the day, any day of the year so we can make sure we are scheduling for the optimal lighting. Inside we lead the viewer through our images to experience the feel and flow of the property paying close attention to premium features such as brands of Thermador, Dacor, Bosch, Miele, Sub Zero, Viking and others, carefully selecting angles and composition to reveal and entice. In the back yard of the property we work to show not only the space but the lifestyle one could enjoy living there. The goal is to create images to compel the viewer to want to see more by scheduling a showing of the home, creating a path from the buyer to the agent, by adding value through great photography that compels action.


  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Sky replacement
  • Lawn touch-up
  • Up to 36 images
    • MLS compliant
    • Agent branded
    • High resolution
  • Enhanced editing
  • Electronic delivery

Luxury Property Photography


When you have that special property that needs the top tier enhancements, this would be the right option to select. These luxury properties typically have increased needs for staging and special features that we detail in close up photography, such as special fixtures, water features, custom woodworking or metal work. This level of photography is reserved for finer homes and estates at an uncompromising level.

There is a long list of the special attention that goes into this level of photography including: Enhanced image retouching, adding flames to fireplaces, adding images to blank tv screens or reducing or completely removing reflections from surfaced. Cutting edge industry interior lighting techniques are used to reveal the full color and brightness spectrum of the view, requiring more time on-site for our photographers to pull out those special details. We provide up to 48 high resolution digital images upon completion, ready for you to download and impress your clients. 

Due to the level of editing, fine-tuning, and attention to detail that we must give these properties once we return to the office, please allow us up to 72 hours from the completion of the on-site photography to turn the finished product over. 

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Up to 48 images
    • MLS compliant
    • Agent branded
    • High resolution
  • Enhanced editing
  • Feature compositing
  • Electronic delivery

Aerial Photography


With the explosion of the Drone technology, aerial photography has become far more viable than any time in history. These small unmanned aircraft can slip between trees and provide access to areas that could not be accomplished with a helicopter, as well as being far less expensive to fly. We have years of experience in photography from fixed wing aircraft and helicopters but at $350 per hour for a small helicopter, the cost runs up quickly. Though you may see drones available in variety and sporting goods stores, this type of photography requires drones that are very specialized to be able to produce the quality of images that has come to be expected from more traditional means of aerial photography.

There are numerous FAA legal requirements and not all areas can be photographed from a drone due to proximity to airports, certain municipal buildings, and the population at large. We have two staff photographers that are FAA Licensed to assure legal compliance and safety. If you are interested in this unique way to show off a property, let us know and we will investigate the viability of your property.


  • Exterior
  • 5-8 images
  • Enhanced editing
  • Electronic delivery

Aerial Videography


Sometimes a property needs an added edge to really show off its potential. When it comes to aerial imagery, stepping up to aerial video takes the viewer to an entirely different level. Just imagine the visuals of turning off the street up the meandering driveway, right to the front door and then soar like a bird in flight, up and over the roof, gently turn back around while we descend to the backyard where we show the deck and pool. Perhaps for your property with golf course frontage  we start a scene coming up the fairway, over the green with the pin and flag waving in the breeze and lead the viewer directly into your back yard where we hover in flight over your expansive deck. We could go on and talk about river frontage property, lake frontage homes with boats, docks and skiers or up to the mountains with ski slopes. Every home has its unique features and video can show this off like no other medium.

We fly specialty 4K video drones that produce UHD quality aerial video for those needs. No cookie cutter approach here. Every home is unique and we customize accordingly. We look at the visual attributes of each home and produce a 60 to 90 second video, set to music that will take your interested party to the next level of desire for a showing. We see many variations on how agents and homeowners desire to showcase with video marketing so we provide you the video file for you to use in whatever method suits you the best as well as posting to our own YouTube channel.


  • Digital video file
  • 60 - 90 second length
  • Custom embed code for your listing

Matterport 3D Imaging

$45.00/setup - $0.08/ft²*† 

Matterport 3D Imaging has taken the housing and construction industry by storm. This is a whirlwind of marketing potential that you want to be a part of. We start this special photography at the entry of the home then move just a few feet at a time for each additional image. Each image is linked to the images around it allowing three dimensional viewing of the entire home, it is all interconnected, even allowing the viewer to visually walk up and down stairs to access other levels of the home. See the power of Matterport for yourself, look at at local home that we have recently scanned.

Unique to Matterport is their famous Doll House view. Think of a home with transparent walls and ceilings, whether single story or multi-story and being able to move around from side to side and up and down and see the entire home at once and see how each room and floor relates to the spaces around it. The viewing experience is often referred to as jaw-dropping. The technology that creates this is so precise we can generate a set of dimensionally accurate floor plans from the imagery.

There is also the great addition of what are called Mattertags. Here we can place special colored dots anywhere in the home. When the viewer hovers their mouse over the dot, a dialogue box comes up citing special features that may not be revealed by just the image itself. By example, these Mattertags could be calling attention to ceiling mounted speakers, special hardwood flooring, steam jets in a shower, intercom or security system, etc. Also available is the ability to include active web links to these so a viewer could be taken right to the manufacturers web site for the details on the ceiling speaker system or the special features of that high end Bosch dishwasher. You could even have links that direct the viewer to a “Schedule a Showing” web site of yours or other marketing opportunities, the potential here is almost limitless. We can label all rooms to your choosing and even incorporate exterior 360 still images to further enhance the experience. There are additional add-on features to enhance the viewing experience, such as feature call-outs, web links and 360 degree exterior and off site stills and floor plans. It is best to discuss these add-ons in person as some are included at no charge and others have a modest price.

Seeing the potential, we were the first company locally to invest in Matterport. Learning and growing over the last two years, Matterport 3D is now in its second generation of cameras and we were again the first locally to invest in this newest technology. Rest assured, we will always be on the top of the curve for you and your business.

Matterport is a proprietary system and all homes scans are hosted in the Matterport Cloud, allowing for instant access from any computer or mobile device. We cover the cost of the first year of hosting. If you wish to keep your model live after a year, the annual fee is $49.00 per year thereafter.


  • Interior
  • Room labeling
  • Highlight slideshow
  • Embed codes
  • Electronic delivery

* There is a minimum square footage charge of $125.00, any properties below this will be billed for the minimum. 

†First year of hosting is included, every subsequent year afterwards is billed at $49.00


Twilight Photography


Referred to as sunset, twilight or "magic hour" photography, this type of photography shows a unique perspective of a home. It takes away the barrier between the inside an outside, creating far more of a transparent feel to the home. The interior lighting takes on a warm yellow/orange glow that is complemented by the deep blue of the sky at this time of night. Pick up any copy of Sunset magazine or higher end home magazine and you will see examples of this style; it has been featured in these magazines because of its high impact.  Twilight photography creates an emotional feel to the home that is not brought out in any other way.  

You don’t have to have view property for this to work for you, it can be done for almost any home. If you have questions about how viable this would be for any specific home, please reach out and contact us and we will research the particular address associated with the property and let you know what you can expect.

The key here is preparation, it is referred to as the magic hour by many though the actual time span is closer to ten minutes.  We have to coordinate the schedule, based on the date and placement of the setting sun. All interior lights must be turned on ahead of time, cars moved from the driveway, etc. A photographer will arrive a bit before the needed photography time and scout out the ideal locations for photography. As the time is so short for this, we can only capture just a few images before the light has dropped too far.  Though the images are few in number, their impact is significant in terms of marketing with a special look.


  • Exterior
  • 2-5 images
  • Enhanced editing
  • Electronic delivery

Commercial Photography

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The term Commercial Photography is sort of a catch all in the photography industry. If you need an image for marketing a product or service, this would be the type of photography you would need. Over the years we have photographed everything from products that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a wooden toy made in a start-up businesses garage for five dollars. Sometimes the work is more elaborate requiring professional models and stagers, or it may be as simple as a single exterior of a building for use in a business web site. We will also provide corporate event photography which could include everything from a celebration event, a training or seminar, to any number of other events; at these we strive to work unobtrusively in the background to capture the event.

It is impossible to offer a price sheet to cover this kind of photography so it will need to be quoted on a per job basis.  We have the flexibility to charge either by the hour or have a solid budgeted price. The more information you can communicate on the needs, expectations and budget the more accurately we can provide the photography you require.


vacant lot


Vacant Land


Vacant lots are challenging and need a creative touch to maximize their visual potential. Our photographers are experienced at finding the balance of showing access, view and building potential and those crucial aesthetic details that will set your vacant lot apart from the competition.

Vacant land poses a unique challenge for photography. It takes considerable time to explore and find just the right visual details, territorial, or distant views to capture a purchasers attention. Our photographers have considerable background in outdoor and land-view photography to maximize interest and bring the nuances of property to the surface and compel purchasers to want a personal showing.


Exterior Refresh


Additional Photographs


Sometimes a property needs a refresh, whether due to nicer weather, new landscaping, or a fresh coat of paint.  The frontal view is the first image a prospective purchaser sees in the MLS and thereby is the most important. If the property has already had its interior images, and simply needs to bring a fresh look to the MLS, then this is the package for you.

We believe that quality trumps quantity in the story of a home. We are not trying to document every closet, wall and space within a home but working to communicate not only the feel but also the emotion of a property to a potential purchaser or client.  On occasion, a property will indeed need more images due to its size, additional features, out-buildings, and special recreational area like swimming pools, spas and saunas.  For those special times we can take as many images as requested to convey the desired feel of the property.