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Questions & Answers.

How long does it take to get the photographs taken?

We understand the urgency once a listing is taken, to get it posted to the MLS. We are quick on scheduling, typically in 24 to 48 hours. There are even times where we can even get the photographs taken the same day the assignment comes in. The other three contributing factors are the home being ready, scheduling with the homeowner and the weather. Typically our ability to quickly respond is the lesser of these factors.

How will I receive my photographs?

With the both the basic and enhanced packages, the finished product is uploaded to the View Shoot system - where we will either add it to your existing portfolio or if you do not have one, we will create a new portfolio for you. When the work is uploaded you will receive an e-mail with links for review of both the branded and unbranded listings, as well as options for downloading web-enhanced stills or higher resolution images for print marketing. It is a streamlined system that puts you in contol and is easy to use.

What can I do to make the shoot more successful?

We provide a piece of literature, that we have aptly named: The Homeowner Checklist. This is a list of many of the things that the photographer is looking to have done before and will be doing during the shoot. Providing a copy of this to the homeowner allows us to have minimal impact on their lives, it greatly reduces the required time in the home, and leads to allowing us to further raise the bar on the quality of our photographs.

Where can I find the resources such as the Homeowner Checklist?

How many photographs will I be receiving?

Our standard package will provide 24 images in both branded and unbranded formats, and our enhanced package includes 36 images again with branded and unbranded listings being provided. Now we realize that each property will need to be showcased differently, and as such we offer the ability to add-on individual photos to an assignment or as a cost savings you can group additional photographs in lots of ten.

Does the agent or homeowner need to be there during the shoot?

If the agent would like to be present when the images are taken, they are welcome. The vast majority of the homes we photograph, there is no one home and we are provided access by the lockbox. We do not require assistance and having someone tag along to watch will typically will slow the shoot down; but if the agent or homeowner needs to be there, we are more than happy to accommodate.

Why do I need a professional photographer, can’t I just use my own camera?

An agent or broker can certainly use their own camera in the same way you can decide to repair your new car. Without the special tools and training though, it may not provide the results you desire. We have specialized cameras, lenses and custom tools made just for architectural and real estate photography. Also, the taking of the photographs is just the first step. For every hour of photography, there are two hours of editing, retouching and enhancing the images with specialty computer programs.

Research across the country of real estate listings and sales show that when a professional photographer is used the home spends less time on the market and has a higher sale price. For a faster sale and the potential for more money, the hiring of a professional photographer is a sound investment. As an added benefit, you will also you set yourself in a better light in the eyes of the homeowner when you value their business enough to bring in an expert to assist in the sale.

Is it worth the money to hire a professional?

Of all the photographers, why hire Showcase Exposure?

Typically when someone wants a photographer, they contact a local photography studio, which is happy to come do the work, among their scheduling of family portraits, seniors, newborns and weddings. Showcase Exposure specializes in commercial photography only with their focus on real estate and architecture. Our training, equipment and expertise is directed to make you more profitable. Its like the difference between a general auto mechanic and a specialty shop that only services high performance German automobiles.